Canberra Region Joint of Councils (CBRJO)

The CBRJO is the formal joint body of Council’s formulated under the Local Government Act and consisting of 14 member Councils across the South East of NSW.

The Issue
The CBRJO was in the process of re-establishing itself as a new entity under new NSW Government guidelines. The need for the auditing of their current and future financial position was identified, including the development of a risk analysis for the new organisation and recommendations regarding future structuring of the new Joint Organisation.

The Solution
In order to develop an opinion on the current financial position of the CBRJO as well as considering how to recommend the future structuring of a new Joint Organisation, Kategic used a combination of current data and verbal discussions to reconcile the data, looking for control, system, and process issues.

Once we felt we had an understanding of the issues facing the CBRJO we turned our attention towards how we could rectify, eliminate or at worst minimise these issues in a best practise environment.

Recommendations were made that showed how the Joint organisation could move forward in a more effectively controlled manner and what structure would best facilitate this.

NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS)

In conjunction with a number of agencies FACS have developed a Place Strategy for Eden identifying a number of key outcome areas for the Eden Community, located on the Far South Coast of NSW.

The Issue
One area identified in the Place Strategy was the need to was the need to review Community Safety as it related to a social housing area in Eden, including the review of previous Community Safety Audits conducted in the Social Housing Area and identify actions moving forward.

The Solution
Kategic were engaged to deliver an assessment of the previous reviews to make an assessment of progress made, engage with key stakeholders and make recommendations for future actions.

Kategic conducted reviews of the previous audits to compare recommendations and identify similarities across a number of key areas. Issues identified were categorised into 5 broad areas to facilitate comparisons between the 2002, 2008 and our proposed recommendations.

A report was presented to FACS outlining the findings and making recommendations for future actions across 5 key areas; General Amenity, Traffic Movement, Public Infrastructure, Residential and Community Perceptions of Safety

Jigamy Campground, Twofold Aboriginal Corporation

In consultation with Twofold Aboriginal Corporation develop a Business Case, Business Plan and prepare a Development Application for Jigamy Campground.

Snowy Monaro Shire Council

Undertake the recruitment of 25 key positions as identified by Snowy Monaro Council

Bega Valley Shire Council / Port of Eden Grant Application

Assist Council in the completion of the Regional Growth Fund grant application for the Port of Eden Foreshore Precinct. Research, assessment of application to date, literature review, completion of elements of the grant application including demographic, social and economic